Friday, July 29, 2011

because i'm so stress....

had u ever felt like so tired and stress till u can't think straight and lost ur patience......?

keje ni mmg almost 2 weeks experience working as a doctor is terrible...ntah knpa rs mcm xblh nak cope with working eyes cried most of the heart scream every single only medicine there are just my patients and their babies...seriously!

i told my mom...sometimes i feel like burst out, but when i see my patient's face, the only thing that cross my mind is, i NEED TO HELP THEM as they really deserve to be treated wisely get the best treatment...

pagi2 need to wake up at 5.30 am and reach hospital by 6.30am and start my routine reviewing the patients...i'm so damn sleepy as always need to go back late most of the days...1.00 am adelah biasa...for taggers like me...hehe!but even mengantok n penat tahap gabaiii, jumpa je patient trs ilang mngantok...but bile jmpa bos, asek rs sakit perut je......:P

when u'r too tired and stress, the only thing u hope from org skeliling adelah utk memahami....dan mberi semangat....but sometimes it does turns's just nobody's fault.....this is what we call takdir...janji ALLAH tu yg tbaik kn? :) just dont go near to a bomb that gonna explode like BOOM!!!:P hehe..

i'm pigeon type....u just need to talk to me nicely and i'll treat u so good that u'll never imagine...because i'm a pigeon type...:P

and now i need to sleep....thanked God my bed still love me like before even we hardly see each other these days...hihi

Saturday, July 2, 2011

goodluck everybody...^_^


semalam abah masok he's having pyrexia of unknown origin...(demam lebih dr 2 mggu yang tidak diketahui penyebabnye)...bila buat test sume normal...1st time kot ahli kluarga masok hospital...hehe~alhamdulillah he's getting better...

agak cuak sbenonye~xsampai 2 mggu da nak masok keje...but sriusly mcm blank gile...mungkin sbb lama sgt cuti...makan,tido,makan,'s time for u to burn out your fat lala!!ngahaha(gelak puas hati)...jaga kau lemak...:P

good bye fat!!!!!!

i really feel uneasy if any medical person knows me as a doctor...but maybe as we use the same language, we easily recognize each other...and yesterday, one of the best specialist here,datuk dr soju (i guess this is how her name shud be spelled) throws some medical question to my 'berkarat' brain...OMG, belum pape lg dah kene treat as HO...'ok rosila, i really welcome u to join us, see u soon'

hik3....cuak nak matiiiii....lala,kau dah nak keje serious ok!^_^ wink2!!really need to prepare mentally and white coat xbeli lg!!:P

to me and frens, GUDLUCK~^^